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SAT Test

We certainly wish we could give you the actual questions you will see on your SAT test. After all, if we were able to that, we would be able to make all kinds of money, wouldn’t we? Like any test, however, the SAT’s reliability and fairness depend on actual test material being kept strictly confidential up until the moment the test-taker sees it. No reputable source can give you a preview of the questions you will face on test day. We can, however, give you the scoop on the test’s structure, and the number and kinds of questions you can expect to see.

SAT test structure

The new version of the SAT test (introduced in March 2005) is three hours and forty-five minutes in length. You will see the following sections on your test day (but not necessarily in the order they are listed in here):

Section Number of Questions Time Limit



25 minutes
Writing – Multiple Choice Improving Sentences – 25
Identifying sentence errors – 18
Improving paragraphs – 6
1  25 min section  1  10 min section

Critical Reasoning

Passage-based reading – 48
Sentence completion – 19

2  25 min sections
1  20 min section


Standard multiple choice – 44
Student-produced response – 10

2  25 min sections
1  20 min section

The types of SAT test questions asked

Excluding the experimental section, which will not count towards your SAT test score, you will see 1 essay topic, 49 writing (verbal) questions, 67 critical reasoning (reading) questions, and 54 math questions.

These 170 SAT test questions, like it or not, will play a large part in determining which colleges extend you an admissions offer. With proper preparation, this can be turned into an advantage for your college applications.