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SAT Test – Math

Welcome to the SAT math test section. In this section, you will find helpful tips and advice to handle all three types of problems you will find on the math section of the SAT test.

Section % of Test Time Limit
Quantitative Comparisons 25 25 minutes
Problem Solving (Multiple Choice) 58 20 minutes
Problem Solving (Grid in)  plus additional Multiple Choice Questions 17 25 minutes
Total 100 70 minutes

All of these SAT test math questions will be arranged in increasing levels of difficulty, i.e. you will see the easiest questions first and the most difficult questions last.

A Brief Note about the SAT Test Math Section

Relax already. You haven’t even reviewed any of our material and you’re already hyperventilating. (We know because we’re watching you. Muaaa ha ha ha ha ha.)

But seriously though, the SAT does not cover advanced calculus and they are not going to ask you for the log of pi. If you understand some basic rules of algebra and geometry and you follow our tips and advice for identifying the test’s “tricks”, you should do just fine. On a final note, this is not graded like a typical school test. The average student, after all, scores just over 1000 on the 1600 scale.

Now that you are Relaxed and Ready to Go…

SAT Math Links

In each of the following SAT math sections, you will find tips and advice as well as practice questions and answer keys.

Quantitative Comparisons

Problem Solving (Multiple Choice)

Problem Solving (Grid in)

We hope you enjoy the SAT math section of our website. (And the rest of it too of course!)