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SAT Test – Problem Solving Answers

1.)  3  You can’t have a fraction of a bag. (Yes, it is our cruel and sadistic nature to throw such curve balls every so often.)

2.)  5/6  Did you remember to simplify this question? Even if you didn’t it still should not have been much more strenuous. Don’t let such awkward word problems frustrate you during the exam. Anyone can make up such ridiculous functions — including ourselves and the nice folks that write the real SAT. 

3.)  40  96 ÷ 2.4 = 40.

4.)  15 miles  The student will be driving for 15 minutes. At 60 miles per hour, the student will be traveling 1 mile per minute for a total of 15 miles.








Drawing a diagram such as the one above can be very helpful for these types of questions. You must make the black-font numbers add up to exactly 15. If 3 students play neither football or baseball, then 3 must play both.

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